Sunday, 25 March 2012

Graduates Become More Truculent and Ferocious?

Parents send us to university to study
But we choose to be in political arena
It's not the matter of correct or wrong,
It's not the matter of democracy or not either,
It's the matter of time.

We are so young,
With little capacity of knowledge and understanding of this world,
We may be defeated, 
We may be deceived,
We may be fooled,
We may be dominated...
the superiors.

Who are we that we should ask ourselves,
Coz we are the micro unit in this bureaucratic system,
What is our power? Can we make use of them?
whatever it is...
it will never be possible...

Why can't you hold your anger?
Why can't you just stay silent in your room?
Why can't you go for a better medium to speak out?

and when this happened.....?

Who is to be blamed? The freaking young blood is to be blamed...

My dear friends...

it is just not the time yet...
be patient..
behold what you see...
for one time...
you may lead...

#Thanks to Rakan Siswa DK, Usaha, Taqwa, Mulia.

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